Cooplands Has Released A New Vegan Steakbake

Cooplands Has Released A New Vegan Steakbake
This sounds delicious!

2020 is the year of the vegan, with fast food outlets everywhere starting to cater for those who fancy things a little less meaty. And now, vegans can rejoice, because everyone’s favourite Yorkshire bakery, Cooplands, has officially jumped on the meat-free bandwagon with their brand new product.

Announcing just yesterday (February 14), the Scarborough born bakers announced they’d officially rolled out brand new vegan steak bakes, just months after the introduction of their vegan sausage roll.

The move rivals recent efforts by national bakery, Gregg’s, who have received praise from pastry fans for their great-tasting vegan alternatives.

Credit: Cooplands

The new product is stuffed with a beefy meat alternative, all encased within their delicious, flaky pastry that we know and love already. Priced at £1.50 per pastry, vegans can now find the new menu addition in stores across the region.

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