Warburtons Has Released A Beer Made From Leftover Crumpets

In a UK first, Warburtons has created a brand new IPA… And it’s made with crumpets!

Teaming up with Toast Ale, a UK based brewery that uses surplus bread to create their ale, the IPA aims to reduce food waste by utilising leftover crumpets that don’t quite meet Warburtons’ QC criteria. Referring to them as ‘wonky crumpets’, the breakfast snacks are used in place of some malted barley, being broken down into fermentable sugars before being turned into a delicious, light session IPA.

Credit: Toast Ale

The outcome is a tasty 4.2% ABV beer, and is a great move towards saving the planet for such a huge business like Warburtons.

The limited edition beer is available to purchase now from Toast’s website, where you can also try the breweries craft lagers, pale ales and session IPAs made from leftover bread.

All profits from the beer go to charity, with the aim of helping to fix the food system. Find out more here.

Author: The Yorkshireman

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