Aldi Has Launched A Glass Toaster So You’ll Never Burn Your Toast Again

Finally, the appliance you never knew you needed. One of the morning’s little bugbears is when you’re hurrying to get ready and you turn to see the toast pop and guess what? It’s burnt again… We’ve all experienced the scraping of crumbs into the sink in a bid to salvage your breakfast in some way or other.

Credit: Unsplash

Now, the genius team at Aldi has solved all our morning traumas with their brand new glass toaster – meaning you can now watch your toast burn instead of waiting for an excitable jump from the toaster the old-fashioned way.

Aldi’s Ambiano Glass Toaster costs just £24.99, with glass panels at each side that are removable for cleaning. It also features six heat settings as well as reheat, defrost and cancel functions. Plus, the super-modern silver and grey design is a great match to any home.

Credit: Aldi

Another cheap and cheerful solution from the budget supermarket… What will we see from Aldi next? I, for one, would love to see a new slip and slide for the kids!

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