Watch Film Narrated By Sean Bean Showcasing Yorkshire Which Has Over 1 Million Views

Watch Film Narrated By Sean Bean Showcasing Yorkshire Which Has Over 1 Million Views

Sean Bean, the iconic Yorkshire legend, has narrated a new film promoting Yorkshire entitled Project Yorkshire: A Playground Like No Other and it has just dropped. Bean tells us to ”reconnect with our planet through Yorkshire.”

Created by award-winning filmmakers, the film aims to showcase what Yorkshire has to offer and is narrated by Sheffield-born Sean Bean who is no stranger to promoting Yorkshire as he’s known for Yorkshire Tea’s Do It For Yorkshire Campaign.

The film features a range of Yorkshire iconic nature spots, cityscapes and local businesses and as an industrial powerhouse and world-class destination to live, work and play.

Filmmakers Sid Sadowskyj and Scott Elliott, known for their film Scott and Sid, winner of Best British Film in 2019, recognised that they could help promote their home county and attract visitors, students and investment back into Yorkshire after the end of the pandemic.

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Mr Sadowskyj said: “Scott and I came up with the idea of creating a short film that could act as a ‘calling card’ for local councils, businesses and anyone else in the region to use to promote all that is great about Yorkshire and why we believe it is the best place for people to visit, live and invest.

“We want to send out a clear message to people both nationally and internationally that God’s Own County is back open for business.”

They hope that the film will be a viral hit online with the benefits of investing in Yorkshire highlighted to millions online.

The film has been invested in by a range of Yorkshire businesses such as Masons Gin, Kirklees College, Hunters and Siddall and Hilton, along with local authorities, including Leeds, Hull, Bradford and Kirklees, and several currently in the final stages of post-production and will be promoting the county and aims to attract visitors, students and more.

The film was released today, Yorkshire Day, 1st August and you can watch the 20-minute masterpiece below.

Watch ‘Project Yorkshire’ narrated by Sean Bean below:

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Feature Image Credit: IMDB

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