Lucky ‘Happy Valley’ Fans Got To Watch Episode Two Early After It Appears On Apple Before Airing

Lucky ‘Happy Valley’ Fans Got To Watch Episode Two Early After It Appears On Apple Before Airing

Happy Valley kicked off its third and final series this month and fans were left wanting more. And it seems some fans have noticed that you don’t have to wait until Sunday to watch the next episode of Happy Valley

Episode two will air on the BBC on Sunday, 8th January, but some lucky people got to watch it early having noticed a glitch on the Apple Store, according to Metro that allows viewers to watch episode two sooner.

The Bafta-winning drama starring Sarah Lancashire kicked off on Sunday night and people were glad to see her don her uniform once more as Sergeant Catherine Cawood.

When Is Next Episode Happy Valley

People have already declared the show the series of the year, and some lucky viewers got a sneak peek into episode two on the Apple store.

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One person took to Twitter to share the news writing: ‘Someone’s f*cked up! #happyvalley episode 2 is on iTunes!!!!’

With another post repeats it saying: ‘Happy Valley Season 3 Episode 2 is on iTunes! I’m watching it now!! If you don’t wanna wait till next week buy it now b4 they realise & remove it from the store!’

When Is Next Episode Happy Valley

The news was also shared on Reddit with one user writing: ‘I was able to purchase and watch episode two on Apple TV. Apple have since removed it this evening.’ (4th January)

‘Well worth the £2.50,’ they added.

The popular show returned to our screens after over five years off our screens – and we are buzzing for my fast-paced drama on our screens courtesy of the BBC.

Six new episodes of the new series will begin filming in the Calder Valley in 2022. Fans were greeted with bittersweet news when hearing the third series of the hit show filmed in Hebden Bridge Sowerby Bridge and Huddersfield, which will be the last.

The new series of Happy Valley airs on BBC one every Sunday, and you can catch up via BBC iPlayer here.

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