Brits Complain Of ‘Worst Ever’ Lurgy Sweeping Nation That Feels Like But Isn’t Covid

Brits Complain Of ‘Worst Ever’ Lurgy Sweeping Nation That Feels Like But Isn’t Covid

With winter comes the usual bout of illness. Colds, flu and more recently COVID. And, a lot of people across the country are suffering with a winter lurgy that feels like covid all over again.

Each year an increase in illness is inevitable, but this year seems to have brought with it an unpleasant illness struck by cold and flu symptoms that are knocking them out and it seems to not be covid as tests are coming back negative.

This year’s has been branded as  “the worst winter lurgy ever”. There is nothing worse than being ill over Christmas, but that is what a lot of people are having to deal with as this winter illness sweeps the nation.

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Social media has been rife with people sharing their symptoms that one person wrote has left the ‘totally floored’ saying they haven’t been without some sort of bug for weeks.

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According to Experts, mixing again like people did pre-coronavirus years, means unpleasant illnesses are spreading swiftly again.

Symptoms seem to range from ‘aching legs, cough, sore throat, headache’. So many people seem to be catching it that it feels inevitable that you may catch the illness at some point.

The Mirror reported that TV writer Daran Little posted on Twitter: “Anyone else down with something that feels like Covid but isn’t?”

The Tweet quickly garnered over 30k likes and hundreds of comments with people saying they’ve experienced something similar over the last few weeks.

One person commented: “Just getting over 4 weeks of headache, earache and general flu like symptoms. Wasn’t covid, actually felt far worse than when i had covid. It totally wiped the whole family out, horrid!”

Another wrote: “Had the exact same thing. I’m now 4 weeks after getting it and the 3 of us still have coughs and headaches. We were all on antibiotics for various throat, ear and chest infections too.”

Anyone else been struck down by this winter lurgy?

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