Channel 5’s ‘Dog’s Behaving (Very) Badly’ Returns For A New Series Tonight

Channel 5’s ‘Dog’s Behaving (Very) Badly’ Returns For A New Series Tonight

Struggling to get your pup to behave? Keep finding your slippers torn apart or struggling to keep a hold of your dog on a walk? Well, Channel 5’s Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly is back for a new series tonight.

Graeme Hall, ‘the Dog Father’ is back to help with Britain’s naughtiest dogs in the upcoming series, which sees exhausted dog owners at their wit’s ends.

Dogs Behaving series five
Credit: Channel 5

If you’ve not watched the show, we advise you to catch up on My5 as it makes for very good viewing as expert handler Graeme travels up and down the country fixing Britain’s naughtiest dog’s bad habits.

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From those with violent and possessive traits to the more affable pooches with endearing habits such as pinching food or play-nipping – Graeme has tricks up his sleeve for every issue, and it’s a heartwarming affair when the owner’s lives are changed for the better as a result of their dog’s newfound good behaviour.

Credit: dogfather.graeme

The show has grown in popularity over the past couple of years, with many tuning in to help find tips on training their ‘lockdown pups’. Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly was also nominated for a TV Choice Award in 2021.

The synopsis for the new series first episode reads: “Trainer Graeme Hall tries to solve more dog behavioural problems. St Bernard Tilly loves to make a song and dance about getting in the car, so going on any journey – no matter how small – is a big stress for her owners.

“Maisie the Maltipoo should be the perfect mascot for aspiring fashionista Charlotte, but she’s turning heads for all the wrong reasons. Every time a trendy east London pooch struts their stuff anywhere near Maisie, she mouths off, and it’s a constant cause of embarrassment for Charlotte”.

Dog’s Behaving (Very) Badly series five starts tonight at 8pm. You can watch it on Channel 5 or catch up on My5.

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Feature Image Credit: Channel 5

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