These Two Yorkshire Attractions Have Been Named The Best In The World

Yorkshire beauty spots are on par with some of the best places to visit in the world. We’ve always said it and now Lonely Planet has agreed with us in their ‘Ultimate Travel List‘. Their list is a curation by travel’s leading experts in beautiful places in the world, and Yorkshire has made the list. Twice!

Speaking about their list, Lonely Planet said how it’s “a mix of knock-out new openings, sights that have upped their game, or places more relevant to the way we travel now.” As well as looking at the popularity of a destination, the brand has stated that this year they”awarded extra points to destinations and attractions that are managing tourism sustainably,” according to Lonely Planet’s VP of Publishing, Piers Pickard.

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This edition is their 2nd and includes all-new ranking of the 500 greatest places to experience on earth. Whether the experience is backpacking, outdoor adventures or more memorable things that you don’t have to risk your life for.

Pickard says that. “After seven months of staying at home, now’s the perfect time to start thinking about where and how to travel once normality returns,” “In putting together this book, we were excited by changes in both the ‘where’ and the ‘how’.” 

So which, Yorkshire destinations made the cut? There are so many to choose from I’m sure that most Yorkshire folk have their own favourite, and it is something that could be discussed down the pub over a few pints for quite some time. 

York Minster

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Yes, the first in the list is the beautiful Minster. It brings thousands of visitors to York every year to take photos of and stare at in wonder. Every time we see it again, we find something new that fascinates us so there is no surprise that this little wonder in York, North Yorkshire has made Lonely Planet’s list of 500 experiences around the world. Built in the 7th Century, it is a thriving church that has drawn people for well over a thousand years.

Castle Howard

Castle Howard

Set in North Yorkshire, Castle Howard is 15 miles North of York. It has such beautiful curated gardens that are kept to such a high standard. They are such a fun place to take the kids or go for a nice walk around. The interior is just as special, if not more so, it has an impressive ornate interior that is breathtaking to look upon. Visitors have flocked for over 300 years to this huge piece of history.

As well as USA’s impressive National Parks, these two Yorkshire treasures are joined by 34 other UK entries on this prestigious list. With more entries than any other country, we think it’s time you started booking some staycation time in our beautiful country. And, especially Yorkshire!

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