Yorkshire Based Bakery, Cooplands Wins Great Taste Award For Pork Pies

Yorkshire Based Bakery, Cooplands Wins Great Taste Award For Pork Pies

This isn’t a surprise to us, as my mum swears by Cooplands’ pork pies. We have one on order every Christmas without fail.

Cooplands Bakery win Great Taste Award for their pork pies

The Scarborough based bakery, which is the second largest bakery chain the country was awarded a Great Taste Award, which is the largest food and drink accreditation scheme in the the world.

The judges at the Great Taste Awards noticed Cooplands’ strive for quality and described the pork pie as “a very impressive, handsome pie”.

They continued the praise saying “the pastry is beautifully cooked, and is flavoursome, firm yet crumbly. The meat is juicy, moist, succulent and melts in the mouth”.

Finishing with, “It ticked all the boxes for us.” You can’t argue with that!

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Cooplands began as a pork pie butcher and continued to make the pies by hand with a traditional recipe that has been unchanged for over 20 years.

John Ruddock, Bakery Manager at Cooplands Bakery said “We are thrilled to have received a 2-star Great Taste Award for our traditional pork pie.

“The Great Taste Award is an acknowledgement to our talented team of bakers who have been hand crafting our pies for 2 decades.”We are proud to be adding the prestigious black and gold Great Taste badge to such a fantastic product.”

The award winning Cooplands pork pie will be available in October for customers to pre-order for the party season via the website here.

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Feature Image Credit: Cooplands

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