These Yorkshire Neighbourhoods Have Been Named Coolest In The UK

These Yorkshire Neighbourhoods Have Been Named Coolest In The UK
Everyone loves an independent!

Yorkshire is known for its beautiful rolling hills and countryside. The lush walks and quaint villages pull in tourists all year round. Its beauty makes every Yorkshireman proud, and Yorkshire’s cities are catching up also, redefining its cities all of which have come a long way over the years. The hip, cool lifestyle has long been associated with London’s burbs. But the North is catching up.

Travel magazine, Condé Nast Traveller has selected two of Yorkshire’s cities suburbs as must-see places to visit once lockdown ends. Both were selected for the various independent shops and cafes and plenty of green areas for people to relax. It’s amazing how the suburbs, once known for being leafy and boring are fast becoming little tourist hubs of their own.

The two cities chosen were Leeds and Sheffield. Both have really come a long way in a short space of time. Other cities in the UK on the list were Newcastle, Liverpool and Birmingham. The burbs you’d expect to be chosen for each city was a surprise as well. So check it out below:


Yes, having lived in Leeds we had to Google it too. Leeds has come along way in the last decade. It’s bar and restaurant scene is thriving, with new cool bars and restaurants opening every week. They mention that with Channel 4 opening a base and British Library potentially eyeing-up the abandoned flax mill, Leeds is up there with major cities in the UK. The magazine stated that with its ‘cluster of red-brick streets’ and affordable housing.

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Mabgate is ‘best explored on one of the tours led by locals through the Come Find Us project.’ It also has Patrick Studios, run by East Street Arts, which was behind Art Hostel Leeds, Mabgate Mills music studio, The Brunswick gastro pub and The Reliance which has its own cinema and offshoot bottle shop. Not as well known but described as ‘an area that is still really rather than merely on the way up’. Only time will tell whether this place becomes the happening place described in the feature.

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Known for its leafy city centre and DIY nature Sheffield is the feisty underdog of the Uk’s cities. Its city centre is full of thrift shops, independent shops and plenty of decent places to have a nice pint. If you ask most people in the city the coolest neighbourhood, most will tell you Kelham Island. Bit, according to toCondé Nast Traveller Sharrow Vale is the coolest neighbourhood to visit in Sheffield.

Described as ‘suburbia cool’, its charm seems to have caught people’s eye. As well as being on the doorstep of the Peaks, it is home to plenty of local shops and restaurants. There are such indies as with such delicacies as oysters, small-batch grappas and lots of micropubs. Definitely worth a visit by the sounds of it if you are local or visiting Sheffield.

[Featured image: Brunswick Leeds]

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