6 Of The Most Beautiful Nature Walks In West Yorkshire

6 Of The Most Beautiful Nature Walks In West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire nature walks have a lot to offer. Rolling hills, waterfalls, and spectacular open countryside are just what the doctor ordered. So why not get out this weekend and take in all that West Yorkshire has to offer?

It is easy to sit inside and forget about exercise but with all the beautiful locations Yorkshire has to offer it’s time to get out and get some fresh air.

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1. Bronte Country, Haworth

This walk is a nice easy jaunt that enables you to take in beautiful moorland scenery, a gushing waterfall, and – at the right time of year – a carpet of heather – which covers the hillside.

Made famous by the Bronte sisters, there is plenty of things that make this one a part of our West Yorkshire walks list. You can take in the beautiful Bronte Waterfall, Bronte Bridge and wander along the cobbled paths.

Located near Keighley you can choose to do a circular walk around the Penistone circular park, or a walk from the Haworth main street.

2. Stanza Stones Trail

Set on the Pennines – the poetry walk was made as a part of the Ilkley Literature Festival and features six stanzas written by Poet Laurette and Yorkshireman, Simon Armitage.

It is perfect for kids as they can enjoy looking for the stones along the trail, while you admire the view. Although, you will have to do it in stages as it is 47-miles long from Marsden, the hometown of the poet, to Ilkley.

3. Golden Acre Park

Situated in North Leeds this walk is a perfect walk for families, dog walkers as well as experienced ramblers as well. The circular route is 5.4 miles long and is flat – it has options for short selections that take in the beautiful gardens.

There is a lovely cafe that can be enjoyed when there isn’t a lockdown – you would have to check if it is open throughout the lockdown.

The walk is beautiful for those wanting to enjoy nature as it has parkland, lakes, streams, ponds and woodland. It’s one we’ve been on many a time and well worth a visit.

4. Ilkley Moor

Sitting on the outskirts of Ilkley is the vast moorland – there are plenty of walking options to choose from which will keep you busy. A few points of interest on the moor are the Twelve Apostles, Cow & Calf and Ilkley Tarn.

We tend to park up at the Cow & Calf free car park and take it from there. It’s a short walk up the hill to the Cow & Calf gritstone. You can then head out to Ilkley Tarn where you’ll find on the walk rocky streams and the plunge pool of White Wells.

5. Castle Hill

Castle Hill, home to the Victoria Tower is just south of Huddersfield and is a lovely piece of countryside to explore. The rivers and streams that helped Yorkshire become a textiles powerhouse in the industrial revolution weave their way through fields, woods and hilly land.

You can start your walk in Farnley Tyas then head towards the iconic tower. The walk is around 4-miles long round trip so just the right length for a nice jaunt.

6. Harewood

Harewood is an amazing place to visit – when lockdown isn’t on it has a great house that was featured on the brilliant Downton Abbey. The house sits on a huge 4,000 acres of land that are free to explore.

You can enjoy a 5-mile walk starting at the Muddy Boots Cafe. On the walk, you can enjoy the beauty that the land has to offer including a chance to spot deer that have lived in the area since the medieval era.

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