6 Places To Go Fossil Hunting Along The Famous Yorkshire Dinosaur Coast

6 Places To Go Fossil Hunting Along The Famous Yorkshire Dinosaur Coast

The Yorkshire Dinosaur Coast is a fantastic place to explore. You can stumble upon fossils that are millions of years old just wandering aimlessly on the beach. And, some of Yorkshire’s coastal spots are famed for their ancient finds.

Whether you’re interested in fossils, or your children enjoy exploring, walk with dinosaurs along Yorkshire’s famous coastline. We have some of the most exciting places along the Yorkshire coast where you can find unique fossils as well as enjoy the spectacular cliffs and bays that they have to offer as well.

Remember to take care on slippery rocks, always check tide times and be wary of the dangers posed by cliff falls.

1. Whitby

Yorkshire Dinosaur Coast
Credit: Photo © Paul Buckingham (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Whitby’s North and South beaches are home to many varieties of prehistoric, Ammonites, reptile remains and of course its famous Whitby Yet.

You can search its beaches for some that may be around and may be as much as 140 million years old – which Is pretty incredible if you stop and think about it. Most of the fossils you’ll find whilst hunting will be loose on the beach close to the cliffsides.

Who knows? You may even be lucky enough to find Whitby Jet which is a 180 million years old, gemstone Whitby that’s popular in jewellery, y

2. Staithes

Yorkshire Dinosaur Coast
Credit: Unsplash

Sitting in the North York Moors national park along the coast, Staithes is surrounded by high cliffs but has a sandy beach that sits along the Yorkshire Dinosaur Coast, so chances of finding fossils are high.

Ammonites are quite common at Satithes around the foreshore and on ledges ready to be picked. It’s a steep walk down into the village but is still fine for children if you’re taking your ids fossil hunting.

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3. Port Mulgrave

Yorkshire Dinosaur Coast
Credit: Unsplash

Used by boats in the mid-nineteenth century for mining ironstone, the port would have had boats coming into the harbour to ship the materials out to Jarrow. Located in between Staithes and Runswick Bay, Port Mulgrave is now a shrine for the long-lost past of the Yorkshire Coast.

Fossil hunters can find the likes of ammonites and reptile remains whilst hunting around the old port’s small pebbled harbour, which has fisherman shacks along the bottom.

4. Runswick Bay

Yorkshire Dinosaur Coast
Credit: Unsplash

Runswick towards Kettleness is a great spot for locating fossils for you avid fossil hunters out there. It’s another popular tourist destination due to its picturesque cliffside village and is located along the Cleveland Way.

It has a white sand beach but is also great for finding fossils. Ammonites are most commonly found here although don’t rule out finding large oysters Gryphaea and other molluscs and belemnites.

5. Boggle Hole

Yorkshire Dinosaur Coast
Photo © Mick Garratt (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Found south of the iconic fish village of Robin Hood’s Bay, Boggle Hole is one of the Yorkshire Coast’s hidden treasures. It can be found among the Cleveland Way in the North York Moors National Park and is steeped in mystery and folklore starting with how the place got such an interesting name.

Boggle Hole is a hotbed for fossil finding on Yorkshire’s Dinosaur Coast and on top of that has a mythical past with the area being known to be home to Bogglesm mischievous creatures that were said to have lived in the caves that run along the coastline and haunt the slopes.

6. Saltwick Bay

Just south of Whitby is Saltwick Bay, it’s a bit harder than the rest to get to but the reward is the area’s fossils. Fossil hunters can find ammonites and belemnites along with Whitby Jet on the beaches.

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