Yorkshire Themed Monopoly Boards Exist – And They’re Perfect For Christmas

Yorkshire Themed Monopoly Boards Exist – And They’re Perfect For Christmas

That’s right, Yorkshire Monopoly boards exist! Christmas time is here, and it’s a time when we get together as a family, enjoy overindulging in food a drink and catch up on what we’ve all been up to (which isn’t much this year). After we’ve been all caught up and presents have been opened, Christmas dinner has been eaten, and many drinks have been drunk, it then begins. The Christmas games, Monopoly is usually brought down from the attic, dusted off, and then the arguments commence.

A classic argument is always, ‘who is going to be the banker?’ – dad can’t, as he likes to dip his hand in for a little bit of credit. Mum takes to long and is too busy sorting everyone’s drinks out, and sibling will always cheat. One thing we can all agree on is most of us have never been to any of these places, and only know them due to the board game itself. So imagine playing on the streets of your town! How cool would that be?

This year instead of playing the usual old Monopoly game get stuck into the Yorkshire versions. Then you can argue over who has Prinni Ave in Hull, or Briggate in Leeds instead of those places in London that few of us have ever actually visited Old Kent Road.

There are a variety of Yorkshire versions to be had:


Credit: WInning Moves

The Steel City’s version of Monopoly includes some of the most infamous spots in Sheffield. We’ve all been lost in Meadowhall before, which stands in place of London’s Mayfair. There is also Peace Garden’s across the road from the famous Snooker venue The Crucible. If you would like to see any of your other favourites click here.


Credit: WInning Moves

Obviously, the most iconic part of Hull is the Humber Bridge, which is one of the most impressive feats of engineering. You can also find the board the likes of the Hull Minster, and The Hull Daily Mail. There are plenty of other places of interest of course if you’d like to check out more visit the site here.


Credit: Winning Moves

The beautiful Roundhay Park has made it on to Leeds’ Monopoly board as well as a few others cheeky surprises. Harewood House, with its impressive gardens made the list, as has the cities famous sporting teams Leads United and Leeds Rhinos. Check out the Yorkshire Monopoly boards here.


Credit: Winning Moves

Obviously, the most famous thing about Huddersfield is the hill outside the city, Castle Hill. A few other favourites are on the board like its University, and Lindley Clock Tower are featured in the game if you’d like to purchase your own visit the site here.


Credit: Winning Moves

Scarbados, one of the greatest seaside towns in the North, is famed for its fish & chips and spectacular sea views. Its pieces represent the town with sunglasses, towels and flip flops replacing the classic game pieces. Check out what famous spots are featured in the game here.


Credit: Winning Moves

Good ol’ Bettys Tea Room, an institution in the North, has made the list for Harrogate’s Monopoly board. As well as that Ruddin Hall, the posh place we all like to go for a nice spa day, and Harrogate Theatre which we’d all love to visit for a bit of panto this year. Check out more information here.


Credit: Winning Moves

Jorvik Viking Centre, York Race Course, and of course York Minster are just a few that have made the list for York’s own Monopoly board. If you feel like reminiscing about its cobbled streets while you argue over who has hotels on what, then this is the game for you. For more information, check it out here.

Doncaster is due to join the list of Yorkshire Monopoly boards with its very own Monopoly game soon, after beating out other Yorkshire towns. This year they will have to make do with Sheffield’s set until the arrival of their very own board game.

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