Could We Be Seeing Another Heatwave In The UK This August?

Could We Be Seeing Another Heatwave In The UK This August?

“Bah, it’s maftin'” and “It’s too hot” are phrases that have been said every five minutes in The Yorkshireman household over the last two days. And, although it’s still pretty warm, it finally feels a little bit more bearable in Yorkshire once more.

Up North, is set to get a welcome relief from the sun with some rain over the next week, so we can change to saying “well, that’s summer done with” and dad’s reiterating “we needed it” when staring out at the rain.

For the rest of July and into August temperatures are set to remain above average according to the Met Office with temperatures looking to be “nothing exceptional for the time of year”.

After the UK coping with two days of the hottest days in our history, we’ll take ‘nothing exceptional’ for a while that’s for sure.

This might not be the case all summer though as an expert has told Sky News, that another serious heatwave could flare up in August, but it’s just too early to tell.

We’ll be sure to find out over the next few weeks, but nevertheless, even if we don’t see another heatwave this summer, the Met Office has warned that due to climate change extreme weather conditions could become more frequent in the UK.

If you need to tip to cool down when the weather heats up, you need to watch this video by Yorkshireman Jay, which went viral on TikTok.

The video has received over 600k views and shows how he coped with working from how in a highly peculiar way – what it here.

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