Yorkshire Peter Kay Fan Moritifed As She Spends £377 On Wrong Tickets

Yorkshire Peter Kay Fan Moritifed As She Spends £377 On Wrong Tickets

We’ve all had trouble getting tickets through pre-sale this week, but one Peter Kay fan has had a blunder like no other.

The Mirror reports that Leah-Dionne Short, from Bingley, West Yorkshire, had been queueing all morning online for tickets and was delighted when she managed to get through to buy tickets for the comedian’s first stand-up in 12 years only to have had a shocker.

Writing on Facebook she described what she had managed to do: “I cannot believe I’m actually writing this, but I’ve been trying to get Peter Kay tickets all morning and I finally got through and the excitement got to me, and I’ve only gone and bought the wrong f*ing tickets for fk’s sake.

“If anyone wants any tickets to see the Harlem f***ing Globetrotters then let me know, because I’ve got TEN of the stupid idiot tickets. £377 down and I am laughing, but crying also.”

Shooting her shot the West Yorkshire lass Insta message the Bolton comedian explaining what had happened writing: “Hiya Peter, hope you’re well.

“I’ve had a bit of a nightmare if I’m honest love. I tried to buy 10 tickets for your show which was proving quite difficult, and when I finally did get onto Ticketmaster I was so excited that I’ve accidentally bought the wrong ones.

“You won’t believe it but I’ve ordered 10 tickets for the Harlem bloody Globetrotters Pete, I’ve never watched a single game of basketball in my life! What’s more messed up is I’ve ended up spending £370 for the privilege!

“Is there any way you can help me with this at all? Couple of VIPs for my dedication to the garlic bread and cheesecake gags?”

You can’t help but laugh as well as feel her pain. Leah seems to have taken the mishap in her stride. I’m not sure if I’d have managed to be as composed about the whole thing. We are just waiting on tenterhooks to see if she makes it to The Globetrotters show or not now.

Peter Kay apologised for the issues other people had whilst getting tickets on Thursday assuring fans that this should not be the case with the rest of tickets going on sale tomorrow writing: “We’d like to acknowledge and apologise for a number of technical issues customers experienced while trying to buy tickets for Peter Kay’s upcoming live tour via the O2 Priority pre-sale. SJM Concerts would like to reassure customers that substantial provision has been put in place for the main ticket sale this Saturday.

“Plenty of tickets will be available throughout the day so please persevere and please buy from official ticket outlets listed on the attached link.”

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