Yorkshire Ripper Documentary Is Airing On ITV This Week

Yorkshire Ripper Documentary Is Airing On ITV This Week

The documentary by indie Impossible Factual commissioned by ITV is set to be aired on ITV tomorrow. The two part series will explore the horrific crimes of serial killer Peter Sutcliffe otherwise known as the Yorkshire Ripper. It will tell the tale of the horrific murders committed in Yorkshire over a a six year killing spree in the 70s.

Known in and around West Yorkshire as the Yorkshire Ripper, his first murder took palce in 1975, and was a 28-year-old mother named Wilma McCann from Leeds.

Credit: ITV

His detestable crimes continued to grow over the years, and it became unsafe across Yorkshire and the North West for women in some areas to go out at night alone, so much so, police advised against it.

The docu-series is based on the 2021 book by a former police officer Chris Clark and journalist Tim Tate named Yorkshire Ripper: Secret Murders. It sets out to prove how Sutcliffe was responsible for more than 20 still unsolved killings as well as the 13 he was convicted for.

Credit: ITV

Airing tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday 24th February from 9pm to 10pm on ITV the two-part series it examines the police investigation into the crimes of serial killer Peter Sutcliffe, known as the Yorkshire Ripper, and the missed opportunities to charge him for his earlier, unacknowledged crimes.

It delves into more than 20 other unsolved murders and brutal attacks by interviews with the victims’ family members and loved ones, investigators, eyewitnesses, and experts. 

Adam Luria, head of documentary at Impossible Factual, said: “Even those familiar with the Sutcliffe saga will be shocked by the true scale of his crimes revealed in this series.

“Our exclusive interviews with friends and families of victims whose murders remain officially ‘unsolved’ shine a light on the full extent and fallout of Sutcliffe’s offending, and provide a powerful call for justice for the loved ones of his ‘secret’ victims.”

Sutcliffe died 13th November of coronavirus after refusing treatment for the virus. The 74-year-old serial killer tested positive for the disease, after spending five nights in hospital being treated for a suspected heart problem.

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