Yorkshire Ripper Moaned About Living In ‘Absolute Hell’ Whilst In Prison In Broadmoor

Yorkshire Ripper Moaned About Living In ‘Absolute Hell’ Whilst In Prison In Broadmoor

Peter Sutcliffe, infamous as the Yorkshire Ripper for his reign of terror in the 70s and 80s, carried his remorseless secrets to his grave. The nation was shaken by his heinous crimes, which left countless women too afraid to venture out.

His final days were spent at Broadmoor, where he penned a self-pitying letter shedding light on his disturbed mindset nearly ten years after his apprehension, the Mirror reports.

In a letter dated 1990, composed within the walls of Broadmoor hospital, Sutcliffe gives us a glimpse into his state of mind when he expressed disdain for those who misunderstood his intentions: “I am not the type of person who writes to voyeurs or folk who think I wanted to do what I did! Because I didn’t! My life was an absolute hell on Earth because of it.”

It reads: “A torment beyond belief and it was a darned relief when it was all over, I can assure you of that.

“Well, no more to be said. I can’t even think about it and I don’t. Thank god I now know the truth, and I am not living in a fantasy world, that’s all I can say.”

It is signed, “yours sincerely, Peter”.

Sutcliffe’s killing spree spanned from 1975, claiming his first victim, to 1981, when he was finally apprehended. His capture resulted in 20 concurrent life sentences, as he was held accountable for 13 murders and seven attempted murders.

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After his trial, he was transferred to Broadmoor in March 1984. In a subsequent letter, he grimly admitted, “it had been a damned relief when it was all over.”

The letter bearing the date 4th April, 1990, and originating from ‘P. Sutcliffe, Crowthorne Hospital,’ sheds light on the agony he suffered, calling it a “torment beyond belief” and emphasizing his relief that the ordeal had concluded. His signature, “yours sincerely, Peter,” punctuates the solemnity of his words.

A separate typed letter found alongside the handwritten one conveys Sutcliffe’s distrust and scorn for others, revealing his collection of fabricated letters and family photographs that exposed the duplicity of someone he deemed a “two-faced lying troglodyte.”

Ben Graves, a 32-year-old control room operator from Cumbria, acquired these letters from an antiques dealer’s collection. He remarked on the unprecedented nature of the find, suggesting that Sutcliffe’s regrets over his actions were evident from his words.

Sutcliffe’s demise came in 2020 at the age of 74, as he succumbed to COVID-19 within the confines of his prison cell.

A new seven-part series by ITV, is set to delve into the Yorkshire Ripper’s story following the hunt to arrest him, featuring Toby Jones in a starring role.

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