Yorkshire Woman England’s Second Oldest Woman Marks 112th Birthday

Yorkshire Woman England’s Second Oldest Woman Marks 112th Birthday

The second oldest woman in England is from Yorkshire and celebrated her 112th birthday on Sunday. Ada Thompson’s family and friends marked the occasion on Sunday at the care home where she lives in Keighley.

Ada Thompson is second to England’s oldest living woman, Ethal Catherham from Surrey who is 113, a year her senior. She received a card from the King and Queen Consort to celebrate the occasion.

Ada, who is a great-grandmother, has lived in the Keighley area all her life and was born on the 28th of November 1910 when George V was king.

The Telegraph and Argus reported that the care home manager Emma Jarvis said Mrs Thompson loved the card she received. She said: “She got a card from the King and Camilla.”

“She loved it because she’s collected every one since turning 100.”

The BBC reported that when asked what her secret to a long life was Mrs Thompson replied “I didn’t smoke and I didn’t drink. There are two good ones.”

Ada marked her milestone today at the care home. She’s seen countless Prime Ministers throughout the year as well as two Kings and Queen Elizabeth.

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