You Can Finally Get B&M Bargains Delivered To Your Home

You Can Finally Get B&M Bargains Delivered To Your Home

I think at this point, it’s safe to say “we’ve all been there”, and when I say “there”, I mean in B&M, arms full of unnecessary shit we absolutely do not need scrambling towards the till without a basket because “we only popped in for some painkillers”.

But now, our partners can finally breathe a sigh of relief in the knowledge that B&M is now offering home delivery, meaning those mega-expensive trips where you come home with the entire store have finally come to an end. Mostly.

Credit: B&M Stores

Launching the new service with over 1,000 products on their website, B&M shoppers will now be able to purchase more conveniently, with many difficult-to-carry items such as furniture and aggregates now available for delivery.

In addition to the more oversized items, B&M has also included tons of smaller items, including soft furnishings, electrical items and kids’ toys.

The new service will make it far easier for customers to purchase their products, meaning you don’t need to arrange suitable transport when picking up larger items such as their popular garden egg chairs… Or, if you’re me, 200KG of Cotswold Chippings. Not because I have a massive garden, but because I am an idiot.

Delivery prices are calculated based on which items you’re ordering, with standard shipping costing just £3.95, medium-sized orders costing £7.95 and larger, bulkier orders costing £14.95.

Credit: B&M Stores

Jens Sorensen, Digital Director, said: “We are incredibly excited to launch our online deliver-to-home service and make life easier for customers that love the range of discounted products from B&M but haven’t been able to purchase from store.

“We’re continually developing and improving the offering available to customers, and creating this more accessible shopping experience is a fantastic step forward for the business. It’s been an incredibly exciting launch.”

CEO Simon Arora added: “With over a third of the UK population not having a B&M store in their local area, this is an exciting new opportunity for us to serve the whole country with our unique and hugely popular range of bargains.

“The decision to launch this online trial came about as our customer services team have been receiving hundreds of requests for this service over the last year.”

Delivery is available now, and you can find the items which are available for shopping by looking for the big orange truck placed on products on their website.

The bargain store can now compete with the likes of Aldi and Wilko, who have long offered home delivery for many of their trendy items such as hot tubs, egg chairs and furniture.

[Featured image: B&M Stores]

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