You Can Now Get Hot Water Bottles For Your Feet And They Look So Comfy

The winter chill has come thick and fast and I don’t know about you, but my toes feel like they’re about to drop off. If you’re anything like me and freezing literally all of the time, then you can rejoice in the fact that some kind soul out there has invented a hot water bottle… For your FEET!

Thanks to this Godly invention, ice-cold tutsies can be a thing of the past. Unfortunately you can’t walk to work in these babies, but if you’re perched in front of the tele with a cuppa – they’re the perfect accessory.

Credit: Things2KeepUWarm

The huge hot water bottle looks like two slippers combined, made out of a cosy plush fleece fabric for extra comfort. All you need is some boiling water to add to the hot water bottle inside and you’re good to go.

Think I can get away with having this under my desk?

The product comes in at less than £15, so is the perfect cost-efficient alternative to having the heating on around the clock.

You can pick up this fancy invention on Amazon here.