A Huge Colony Of Seals Was Spotted Chilling At Flamborough This Weekend

A Huge Colony Of Seals Was Spotted Chilling At Flamborough This Weekend

The Yorkshire Coast can sometimes be a forgotten gem in the autumn and winter months. Visitors descend upon the coast in their thousands over summer to visit the beautiful beaches but rarely seek out the idyllic coastline at other times of the year when there is some great opportunity to see wildlife at its best.

Visiting the beautiful Flamborough Head this weekend, we stumbled upon a group of seals chilling out in a cove near the famous drinking dinosaur just down from Flamborough Lighthouse.

We took some snaps from a safe distance is the seals caught up on some sleep and relaxed on the beach. Some ventured into the sea for a dip, whilst others pottered along the beach in proper British seaside fashion.

It’s great to see the family keep their distance and let the seals play. The Yorkshire Seal Organisation advice is to keep out of sight, quiet, and downwind. They also advise you to keep well away and use binoculars or zoom on your phone (which the family did). Also, do not feed them, take selfies with them or fly drones near them.

A family spotted a large group of seals earlier this year whilst on a walk around a similar spot, which makes it quite a commonplace for the cute creatures to be found. Check out the incredible footage here.

Posting to the group Flamborough Wildlife on Facebook, Gemma Bottrill and her family from Bridlington, said they’d spotted the group of “around 50 seals” whilst out on a walk they’d do many times. The unique piece of footage was caught from a rock nearby and shows the cute seals bobbing along on the rocks.

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