Aldi Is Selling Popular Viral Energy Drink Created By YouTubers For Just £1.99

Aldi Is Selling Popular Viral Energy Drink Created By YouTubers For Just £1.99

This drink has sent the world into a frenzy and now bargain supermarket Aldi has a new exclusive deal to stock the popular ‘hydration drink’ Prime.

Due to its popularity, customers will be limited to one bottle of each flavour Prime available. The luminous drink is said to be mostly water with added vitamins and minerals and has few calories with no added sugar.

The drink Prime, which is set to be stored in Aldi exclusively came to be so popular due to YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI who promoted the drink around the high-profile celebrity boxing bout in the UK.

Some consumers have travelled over 500 miles just to get their hands on the bottle with one person paying a whopping £300 online for a ‘rare’ bottle.

Prime was originally sold through Asda outlets but will not be sold at the bargain supermarket Aldi. The drink has gone on sale in Aldi’s across the UK and is retailing at £1.99.

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People are already queuing around corners to get their hands on the elusive product. You’ll have to get down quickly if you stand a chance of grabbing one before the product sells out.

Aldi will sell Prime Hydration Drinks as a Specialbuy in all UK stores, it was announced.

“Due to its popularity and limited availability, we want to ensure as many people as possible have the opportunity to purchase Prime”, a spokesperson said.

Whilst you’re in Aldi, you may as well grab yourself something special. Yorkshire’s own Yorkshire pudding beer, is being stocked in Aldi and it tastes fantastic! The traditional Sunday Roast can be enjoyed as beer, and it’s the most Yorkshire-looking thing we’ve ever seen.

Aldis is now selling the perfect drink for any Yorkshire folk with a taste for the finer things. The amber bevvie is available in stores across the country for just £1.49.

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Feature Image Credit: Photo © Bob Harvey (cc-by-sa/2.0)/ David Clark / Aldi, Gateshead Metro Centre / CC BY-SA 2.0

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