Lockdown Could Last Until March 31st, New Law Suggests

Lockdown Could Last Until March 31st, New Law Suggests

Published on Tuesday, a new five-page lockdown law explains that we could be in lockdown until March 31st. The law will be voted on this after toon by MPs, according to The Express.

MPs weren’t happy with the newly-published regulations, and the Prime Minister is said to have faced a backlash from Tory MPs on a Zoom Call with backbenchers last night, with the news that lockdown law won’t expire until 31st March.

In what echoes the three-week reviews of the first lockdown, Boris Johnson initially explained the national lockdown would be reviewed in six weeks, during February half-term.

On Tuesday, Cabinet Office minister, Michael Gove admitted the measures could run through until March saying: “We hope that we will be able to progressively lift restrictions after that but what I can’t do is predict – nobody can predict – with accuracy exactly what we will be able to relax and when.”

“What we do know is that the more effective our vaccination programme, the more people who are protected in that way, the easier it will be to lift these restrictions.”

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