Wetherspoon Has Announced Pints For Just 99p This January

Wetherspoon Has Announced Pints For Just 99p This January

Christmas is the most festive time of year with presents to look forward to and the excuse “f*** it, it’s Christmas” used throughout the month. Looming over it is January, which is known as a month of being skint and miserable. But not this year!

Wetherspoons is here for you with its new deal. Across its pubs, of which there are over 560 across the country, it is slashing its prices and for the first part of January, you can get a pint of Ruddles or a bottle of Becks for just 99p.

That’s right. Or you can enjoy a 25ml of Whisky and a variety of soft drinks for a quid as well for those doing the popular Dry January.

Imagine that. Having five pints for less than a fiver. That’s a Yorkshireman’s dream.

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Along with the quid a pint, you can also enjoy a pint of Bud Light, Stowford Press Dark Berry Cider or Stowford Press Apple Cider for just £1.69. You can also get a Guinness for only £2.89 a pint.

The deal which involves a range of food offerings as well will run from the 3rd of January to the 17th of January 2023. So whether you’ve wandered to one of its pubs for a porridge (£1.49), or a breakfast muffin (£1.99) both of which include coffee and tea until 11:30am.

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Tim Martin, Wetherspoon founder and chairman, said: “The range of drinks and food on sale in the pub is aimed at suiting a wide variety of tastes. This year we have included our biggest selection of low and non-alcoholic drinks.

“I believe that the January Sale will prove popular with our customers. As always, staff at the pub will serve customers responsibly,” he said.

Drinks included in the offer are – Carlsberg, Bud Light, Guinness, Stowford Press Dark Berry Cider, Stowford Press Apple Cider, Ruddles Best and Worthington’s; spirits – Bell’s whisky, Gordon’s gin, Duppy White rum, AU vodka; a range of soft drinks – Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max, R. Whites Lemonade, Pepsi Max Cherry; and Lavazza coffee with free refills, as well as tea and hot chocolate.

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