All Creatures Great and Small’s Rachel Shenton Reveals She ‘Didn’t Know’ How Helen’s Romance Would End

All Creatures Great and Small’s Rachel Shenton Reveals She ‘Didn’t Know’ How Helen’s Romance Would End

Rachel Shenton, who plays Helen Alderson in All Creatures Great and Small discussed James Herriot and Helen Alderson’s romance in season two and admitted to not knowing how their tale will conclude.

The second season of Channel 5’s All Creatures Great and Small had fans on the edge of their seats as James, played by Nicholas Ralph, finally summoned the guts to propose to Helen Rachel Shenton.

The couple’s will they, won’t they relationship has been one of the key themes for the first two seasons, and audiences have already been ecstatic with their marriage announcement.

Credit: Channel 5

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In a recent interview with PBS Masterpiece, Rachel discussed the two characters’ connection and stated that she had no idea how their romance would pan out.

She explained: “It was great. We didn’t know how it was going to play out or work because the last time we saw Helen was at the wedding that never was and there was so much unspoken between the two of them but nothing happened.”

“So I was really interested to see how that would play out what that story would look like and what Ben Vanstone series lead writer would do and we couldn’t have wished for anything better.”

She continued by saying: “They really tentatively stepped towards each other in Season two and its done with a lot of care and consideration which is indicative of those two as people and how their relationship evolves.”

“And so Ben absolutely did that perfectly. There were so many moments that we were reading it as actors going Oh come on will they get together? So it was really nice.”

She gushed: “I couldn’t have wished for anything better really I love how they stepped towards each other.”

After Helen left Hugh Hulton played by Matthew Lewis at the altar during the second series, James finally expressed his affections for her. Helen shared Helen’s feelings for James, and the two finally made their relationship public, with Helen forming a civil friendship with her ex.

Siegfried Farnon, James’ boss, appears in the last instalment. Before it was too late, Samuel West advised him to propose to Helen.

James was hesitant to propose since he wanted to wait until they had their own place before jumping into marriage. After repeated failures in their friendship and romance, Channel 5 officials have indicated that the latest instalment will be a major series for the couple.

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