Amanda Owen Reveals The Strange Fate That Led To Her Farming Career

Amanda Owen Reveals The Strange Fate That Led To Her Farming Career

‘Our Yorkshire Farm’, has become Yorkshire’s most loved show. The Channel 5 hit that shares the lives of Amanda, Clive and their nine children run a working farm in the Yorkshire Dales – which is on its 5th series. The tale of how Amanda came to be a Shepherd is an interesting one, that’s for sure.

Credit: Publicity photo/Adventures of the Yorkshire Shepherdess

Whilst on Channel 4’s popular daytime show Steph’s Packed Lunch, The Yorkshire Shepherdess explained how she was inspired to become a farmer after reading James Herriot’s books as a child.

Credit: Channel 4

When speaking to Steph she said, “It was reading the James Herriot books which first set me off on this idea that I wanted to be a shepherd.” The popular veterinary surgeon and author have become the centre of the Channel 5 series All Creatures Great and Small’. 

It’s not just Amanda that has been inspired by James’ life, as thousands tuned in to the Channel 5 show – which is currently filming its second series.

Credit: Channel 4

Amanda talked about her strange fate as “way down the line, I find myself living at Ravenseat, which actually is a place that James Herriot actually visited.” She said

“So it feels like fate in a way. It feels like I’ve gone full circle and of course here I am, writing my own books as well now and doing TV.”

Reflecting on her career, she asked: “Who’d have thought it? I mean they say the truth is stranger than fiction.”

Amanda and the family have captured the nation’s heart with how they work together as a unit – and show a special and unique way to nurture children – which Amanda loves to share with her followers on Twitter as well as the popular show.

If you’d like to meet Amanda Owen, you can visit the 5 On The Farm festival this August Bank Holiday. You can also meet other Channel 5 favourites such as ‘The Yorkshire Vet’s’ Peter Wright and ‘Dog’s Behaving (Very) Badly’ Graeme Hall.

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