Amanda Owen Surprises Fans As She Announces A New Arrival To The Yorkshire Dales Farm

Amanda Owen Surprises Fans As She Announces A New Arrival To The Yorkshire Dales Farm

Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen, who regularly gives her followers a glimpse into farm life, has revealed a new edition to the family in the Yorkshire Dales. As we adjust to a new year, new life has spawned on the farm as the wholesome family welcome a calf to the farm family.

Credit: yorkshireshepherdess

Speaking to her half a million followers on Instagram, she revealed the new edition to the Ravenseat Farm gang – posting to her Instagram, The Yorkshire Shepherdess wrote: “Buttercup the house cow has calved.”

“She’s a quiet, docile & very greedy dairy shorthorn that will provide enough milk for her calf and our household.”

She added: “The best heifer calves we keep to replenish the herd.

“We sell the males & any surplus females at around a year of age to either breed or be fattened.”

The post featured some images to help her fans have a glimpse into the process, and as always, the Owen Children were on hand to help their mother deliver the calf.

Credit: yorkshireshepherdess

Fans of the show were quick to show their delight at the new edition. One user doted over the new addition writing: “Oh those eyelashes!”.

A second wrote: “Love how this family can turn their hands to any job on the farm.”

Credit: yorkshireshepherdess

Another user: “Amazing news x just read your book and loved it x Feel like I know Buttercup xx your children’s childhood was very like my own and I loved every minute as I’m sure they do”.

Amanda Owen, the ‘Our Yorkshire Farm’ Shepherdess released a new book sharing experiences and recipes on Ravenseat Farm. The cleverly put together book is a mixture of 200 photographs taken by Amanda herself as well as funny and charming stories from her time on Ravenseat Farm throughout the year.

It takes you through the major events on the farm, from lambing and shearing to haymaking and feeding the flock in midwinter. It’s great for some inspiration all year round and has the captures the same magic that the popular Channel 5 show does.

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