Southerners Describe The Things They Noticed When Moving Up North

Southerners Describe The Things They Noticed When Moving Up North

There has always been a North/ South divide in the UK – whether it is the price of a pint or the way we talk. We’ve always had things that we do that are just alien to the other. Even in the north accents and traditions can differ – never mind the difference between the North and South. One Reddit user took to the AskUK Reddit to query what southerners that have moved up north have noticed and there were some interesting revelations.

One user wrote: “It’s one weird expression- let’s say you are offered a drink or a biscuit or something and you don’t want it. In the South you say No thanks, I’m all right and in the North, you say No thanks YOU’RE all right.” 

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This is a fair point as we say this almost automatically. Although, it is a rare occasion when Yorkshire folk turn down a brew. The phrase is in keeping with the Yorkshire dialect, in which we like to shorten everything to the least amount of syllables and words.

Another user pointed out the age-old argument about how northerners call dinner tea. To which a Northerner rightly pointed out. “This is the way. Dinner at 12ish and tea at 5:30. 6pm or later and you’re basically trying to be posh or fancy for some reason no one will ever understand.”

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Another agreed to say, “Breakfast dinner tea, it’s how we do it in the north.” Pretty sure, we always called it pack up at school and when the bell goes for dinner what do we call it? Dinner bell, obviously! 

We are with the user that pointed out the state of the public transport in the North writing, “The crap state of Northern public transport (outside of one or two cities) is a symptom of the chronic under-investment in the North by successive Westminster governments.” Can’t tell you about all the times we’ve been late for work because of cancellations of trains that were full to the brim.

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It wasn’t all doom and gloom though, one user pointed out that the quality of water in the North is much better than that in the safe saying, “Tap water. Didn’t notice a change getting there. Really noticed a change coming back home.”

Other things in the thread were discussed such as how friendly the North is, how much cheaper it is for a pint and having bouncers on the doors of Greggs in Barnsley.

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