Asda Has Launched A ‘Giant Dairylea Lunchables’ Christmas Snack For Adults

Asda Has Launched A ‘Giant Dairylea Lunchables’ Christmas Snack For Adults

Wanna feel fancy, but with a hit of nostalgia? Well, Asda has delighted shoppers with their new Christmas sharing platter which looks exactly like the Dairylea Lunchables found in kids lunchboxes across the country.

Shared to the Facebook group Extreme Bargains with the caption: “Is it just me or has Asda remade Dairylea Lunchables for adults?”, the nostalgic treat went down a storm. 

It gained nearly 1k shares and even more comments. It includes all the goodness of the pack lunch favourite as a reasonable price of just £5.

We can’t wait to be tucking into these this Christmas, but we are thinking we’ll stick to the wine and not go the whole hog and miss out on the Fruit Shoot.

They feature squares of medium and spicy cheddar, circles of oven-baked ham and chicken as well as cracker bites. 

Credit: Photo © Jonathan Hutchins (cc-by-sa/2.0)

One social media user joked: ” Christmas dinner sorted” and another wrote, “finally an adult-sized Lunchable”.

Then another user wrote: “I would have defo picked this up when I was in Asda yesterday if I had seen it. I love a Lunchable.”

And another said: “My son is obsessed with Lunchables, this is the ultimate snack. We have to get him one.”

In other news, another supermarket Giant pulled it out of the bag this Christmas. Iceland has added two luxury filled Yorkshire puddings that you’re going to need to try this festive period. Firstly, is the Yorkshire pudding filled with pigs in Blankets & Mac ‘n’ Cheese. 

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