Iceland Has Launched Pigs In Blanket Mac & Cheese Filled Yorkshire Pudding

Iceland Has Launched Pigs In Blanket Mac & Cheese Filled Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire puddings are a staple of most Yorkshire folks diets. It’s a Sunday roast essential for many around the UK, and there is always a discussion this time of year whether or not they belong on a Christmas dinner – the answer is yes by the way. 

Credit: Iceland

Iceland has added two luxury filled Yorkshire puddings that you’re going to need to try this festive period. Firstly, is the Yorkshire pudding filled with pigs in Blankets & Mac ‘n’ Cheese. 

The macaroni pasta is cooked in vintage Cheddar cheese sausage with pork sausage wrapped in smoked streaky bacon sprinkled with toasted breadcrumbs and Red Leicester cheese – yum.

Credit: Iceland

The other new luxurious Yorkshire pudding is a cottage pie filled one. The cottage pie is a beef cooked in red wine filling topped with creamy mash potatoes with toasted breadcrumb and grated red Leicester cheese.

The tasty filled Yorkshire puddings new at Iceland are just £3 or two for a fiver, which is an absolute bargain.

People on social media were very excited about the new Yorkshire puds with one person writing: “I need this soooo bad.”

And, another wrote: “The cottage pie one is lovely.” We can’t wait to give these bad boys a try this week.

A Reddit user went viral for his Yorkshire pudding Shepherds pie – that we’ve tried, and it’s delicious. If you’d like to have a go at creating his delicious creation then check out the recipe here.

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Feature Image Credit: Photo © habiloid (cc-by-sa/2.0)

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