7 Of The Most Beautiful Nature Walks In South Yorkshire

7 Of The Most Beautiful Nature Walks In South Yorkshire

We are coming into autumn, and it is usually a time to get cosy at home and settle into the shorter days and dark nights. But, with the most beautiful South Yorkshire walks on your doorsteps that are just as spectacular over the autumn and winter months, it’s time to get out and stretch those legs.

Whether it’s waterfalls, forests, or open countryside, South Yorkshire has all the great views ready and waiting for you to enjoy. So, why not your walking boots out of the cupboard and dust them off today?

1. Rivelin Valley Nature Trail

Credit: Geograph.org.uk/Neil Theasby

Getting out into nature after a month in lockdown should be on everyone’s to-do list. Rivelin Valley is great if you live in Sheffield, or close by, as it is only a 6-mile end to end walk that has great things to see.

Waterfalls, stepping stones, and other natural wonders can be explored here, but don’t worry you don’t have to forage for food as well they have cafes for a nice brew and an ice cream after you finished being an explorer for the day.

2. Worsbrough Mill & Country Park

Credit: Worsbrough Mill

Just outside of good ol’ Barnsley, Worsborough Mill Country Park is over 240 acres and has three beautiful South Yorkshire walks to go on. There is a 60-acre reservoir that is a haven for wildlife.

You can enjoy three routes on the reserve they are the Owl Walk, which is around 3 miles, and The Badger Walk and Fox Walk, which are, around 2 miles. Each has its unique elements to enjoy. The Worsborough Mill on site dates back to the 18th century and is still in operation today. There’s the Millers Tea Room to enjoy a spot of lunch and a brew after a nice walk around the 60-acre reservoir.

3. Bradfield Reservoir Walk

Credit: Geograph.org.uk/Graham Hogg

Situated in the Yorkshire part of the Peak District, The Bradfield area has numerous beautiful reservoirs for you to enjoy a pleasant walk around. Starting from Lower Bradfield you can head out towards Dale Dyke Reservoir and enjoy a peaceful 5-mile trek, or if you head in the other direction, there is Damflask Reservoir to potter around.

If you’d like a nice short walk, you can go around the Agden Reservoir. The choice is yours, with so many sweeping views of some spectacular scenery, you can’t lose.

4. Wyming Brook Nature Reserve

south yorkshire walks
Credit: Pixnio

Home to an abundance of wildlife, Wyming Brook is perfect for those looking for something special in a walk. Once private land, owned by nobility, its babbling streams, mossy rags and picturesque footbridges are the perfect escape.

Situated on the edge of the Peak District near Sheffield, it’s home to a crystal-clear brook that tumbles through woodlands, glen and moor. It’s the perfect South Yorkshire walks right on your doorstep.

5. Wombwell Woods

south yorkshire walks
Credit: Geograph.org.uk/Jonathan Clitheroe

A fun fact about Wombwell, South Yorkshire, is that it was named in the Doomsday book, so it’s been around a while. This ancient woodland is an incredible open space with paths that twist and turn through the woodland that is great for a nice walk.

You can enjoy awe-inspiring views over Wombwell, as well as enjoying the plentiful wildlife that roams the area.

6. Dearne Valley Park

south yorkshire walks
Credit: Geograph.org.uk/Tom Curtis

This 80-acre country park is just a stone’s throw away from Barnsley town centre and sits along the River Dhearn. Its, mossy woodland is the ideal place to take the dog out for a walk or to get out with the family and enjoy some fresh countryside air.

With it being right on Barnsley’s doorstep, there is no excuse not to go enjoy it. You can pop into Barnsley for a cup of tea or something stronger afterwards.

7. Potteric Carr Nature Reserve

south yorkshire walks
Credit: Geograph.org.uk/Graham Hogg

Situated on the edge of Doncaster, Potteric Carr Nature Reserve’s a great place to go wildlife spotting. From the hides, you can get up close and personal with the natural wildlife around. Enjoy what the lakeside views and woodlands have to offer as you potter around one of the walks before heading back to the cafe for a lovely brew to warm yourself up.

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