Study Finds Drinking Tea Regularly Is Linked To A ‘Longer and Healthier’ Life

Study Finds Drinking Tea Regularly Is Linked To A ‘Longer and Healthier’ Life
Stick kettle on, love!

If us Yorkshire folk know how to anything – it’s how to have a good cuppa. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, any time is brew time, and now there’s even more reason to brew up 800 times a day.

We’ve all probably got nan’s who’ve said at least once ‘get yer brew darn ya, it’s good fer ya’ – and it turns out there’s actually some merit behind it. Yep, listen to your elders folks, cos scientists have conducted a study that officially confirms that drinking tea regularly is great for your health.

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The new research has been reported in the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology, which came to find that regular consumption of tea was associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and generally improved health. If it’s good enough for science, it’s good enough for me!

For the study, scientists examined 100,902 Chinese adults, all of who had no previous history of strokes, cancer or heart attacks. They then collected information around tea consumption through questionnaires, grouping participants into non-tea drinkers and regular tea drinkers (those who drank it three or more times a week).

The whole process took 22 years, with the participants being studied since 1998 – and the research eventually showing that those who drank tea often had a 20% lower risk of stroke and heart disease in comparison to those who rarely drank tea. Not only that, but the habitual tea drinkers also had a life expectancy 1.26 years longer.

Put kettle on will yer, love?

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