This Yorkshire City Has Some Of The Best Sex In The UK, Study Reveals

This Yorkshire City Has Some Of The Best Sex In The UK, Study Reveals
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If there’s one thing we know to be fact, it’s that Yorkshire folk are pretty much good at anything. Making brews, baking Yorkshire puds, sinking pints – we’ve got it covered. And now, it turns out giving – and having – orgasms is included on that list. Ee by gum, you sexy little Yorkshire people!

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Conducted by Bed SOS, a study uncovered how much sex people in the UK are having, narrowing it down city by city with all the revealing stats.

The study found that people in Sheffield have the highest level of sexual satisfaction, with 52% of Steel City dwellers admitting that they frequently orgasm. Must have all been men. Leeds ranked at number 5 on the list, with 46% of people saying they orgasmed frequently. Lucky buggars.

While us Yorkshire folk are having the best quality sex in Britain, it turns out it’s quality over quantity, with us actually having less sex than most of the nation. Bristol topped the list as the city who has the most sex, with Edinburgh and London following closely behind.

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Leeds folk admitted to having sex an average of 2.3 times a week, while Sheffielders admitted to getting jiggy 2.5 times weekly. See the full data below:

Cities that have the most sex

  1. Bristol
  2. Edinburgh
  3. London
  4. Glasgow
  5. Nottingham

Cities that have the least sex

  1. Newcastle
  2. Leeds
  3. Sheffield
  4. Liverpool
  5. Belfast

Cities in order of satisfaction levels

  1. Sheffield
  2. Birmingham
  3. Bristol
  4. Edinburgh
  5. Leeds
  6. Glasgow
  7. London
  8. Manchester
  9. Liverpool
  10. Leicester

Can’t argue with data! Check out the full study here.

[Featured image: Unsplash]