11 Of The Most Stunning Places To See The Sun Set In Yorkshire

11 Of The Most Stunning Places To See The Sun Set In Yorkshire

Our love for local beauty has only grown during the past year in lockdown, which is why you’ll find us climbing every hill, every clifftop, and perching our bottoms on every stretch of beach this summer in a bid to take it all in. And the best time to enjoy it all? Nightfall. From pink skies to glowing stretches of orange highlighting God’s Own Country, here’s where you’ll find some of the best sunsets in Yorkshire.

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1. Flamborough Head

Nothing beats a relaxing day on the coast, but even more gratifying is watching the sunset into the sea after it’s been blazing above you all day long. And Flamborough Head is the perfect spot to do just this. The clifftops provide a dramatic setting for the occasion, with the seaside skies often turning pink as the burning sun disappears to bless another continent.

2. Malham Cove

No matter how fit you are, reaching the top of Malham Cove always feels so rewarding thanks to those pesky steps. And when you do reach the top, not only do you get to enjoy the childlike feeling that the unique limestone cobbles invoke, but also the unbeatable views of the surrounding Yorkshire Dales. Watch as the summer sun sets over the huge Yorkshire Three Peaks, before enjoying the meandering stream that peacefully leads up to the cove.

3. Castle Hill, Huddersfield

Overlooking the Kirklees area, Castle Hill in Huddersfield provides sights far into the distance, from a peaceful spot that stand 300 metres above sea level. Naturally, its height makes it the perfect place to watch the sunset, but it’s the vast views as far as the eye can see that helps us sit back and enjoy West Yorkshire from a whole new perspective.

4. Ilkley Moor

Ilkley Moor has to be one of the most underrated places in Yorkshire. Vast countryside just waiting to be explored, the wonderful Cow and Calf rocks, and the incredible sunsets that bless it daily. Just picture it now: the stunning purple-hued heather, sheep baaing in the distance, and a hot orange sunset framing the horizon. Gorgeous.

5. Pen-y-Ghent

Where better to watch the sunset than one of Yorkshire’s famous Three Peaks? Not only does Pen-y-Ghent provide incredible views of the rest of the Dales, but it’s also a sight to behold in itself. Stand at the right angle while the sun goes down, and you’re sure to witness a majestic looking Pen-y-Ghent. Or, if it’s vast views and the feeling of being on top of the world that you enjoy the most, you can also climb the big old hill with the reward of that glowing, undisturbed sunset.

6. Spurn Point

One of Yorkshire’s greatest natural wonders, Spurn Point is fascinating on its own – but it’s also a fantastic place to see the horizon turn orange. The calming spot has almost broken away from the mainland due to severe erosion along the East Coast, however, it’s become a sandy paradise complete with a picturesque lighthouse and views far out to sea. Perfect for watching the sunset.

7. Bolton Abbey

When the sun sets behind the historic Bolton Abbey, it’s pure magic. Particularly for budding photographers. The preserved abbey looks holier than ever thanks to the warm glow the setting sun gives off, and when reflected in the waters, it’s even more special. Just maybe don’t attempt tackling the famous stepping stones once the sun has gone down.

8. Cockshaw Hill

Probably our favourite location of the whole bunch, the landscape of the North York Moors is a truly beautiful sight. Combining brightly coloured heather with the bold green jungle of bushes and shrubs that form the moorland, when the sun sets over Cockshaw Hill near Gribdale Gate and Roseberry Topping, it’s a jumble of colour you probably won’t find anywhere else.

9. Ribblehead Viaduct

Ribblehead Viaduct is one of the Dales’ most popular attractions, but the best time to visit? Sunset. The warm light pouring through the arches of the viaduct is truly unique, and most definitely a great time to capture some impressive photos while you’re there.

10. Brimham Rocks

Climbing up the unique rock formations at Brimham Rocks never gets boring, and neither does the view. Overlooking the gorgeous Nidderdale AONB, the rocks provide some vast sights, making it the perfect spot to watch the sun set from. Spend the afternoon finding the right rock with your favourite view, before popping your bum down for the evening and enjoying the sights.

11. Hessle Foreshore

Like a mini pebble beach sitting under the huge Humber Bridge, Hessle Foreshore is a fantastic spot to watch the sun go down, particularly as it passes the whopping Yorkshire bridge. While probably the most unassuming spot on our list, visitors won’t be disappointed by the sights. Dare we even go as far as to say it’s like our very own San Fransisco moment?

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