Bettys York Shop Could Close After Opening Over 50 Years Ago

Bettys York Shop Could Close After Opening Over 50 Years Ago

Bettys could be closing its shop on Stonegate. Earlier this year, it closed the cafe upstairs, and now it has been reported they are considering closing the shop.

It is currently just a proposal, and no decision has been made as of yet on the shop ‘Little Bettys’. No changes are being made to the five other tearooms, including the flagship tearoom in York, which is just down the road from the Stonegate branch.

Credit: Bettys

York Press reports that a Betty’s spokesperson said: “We’re talking to our team at ‘Little Bettys’ on Stonegate in York, about a proposal to permanently close the shop and branch.

“It’s important to emphasise that this is a proposal at the moment, and no decision has yet been taken.

Opening over 50 years ago – it would be sad to see one of the iconic Yorkshire companies branches close. The spokesperson said: “Bettys is 100-years old, and our history has shown us that we need to adapt and evolve to continue to thrive.

“We’re working closely with the team at the branch and, if the proposal to close goes ahead, we’d aim to redeploy as many people as possible into other parts of our family business.”

The family company based in Yorkshire has a range of tea rooms, which serve up traditional meals with influence from Switzerland and Yorkshire. They were founded in 1886, and are one of the world’s most famous tea rooms, which people, from travel from far and wide to experience.

They serve up classic Afternoon Tea with delicate finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, and desserts that include the Fat Rascal and traditional Yorkshire food.

We created some of our favourite afternoon teas in York, from classic experiences to something a little different. If you’d like to check out more you can click the link below and explore.

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