Bradford City of Culture Celebrated With Hilarious Incorrect Photo Of City

Bradford City of Culture Celebrated With Hilarious Incorrect Photo Of City

As Bradford celebrates its outstanding achievement of becoming the City of Culture for 2025, one social media person got caught up in the excitement it seems as The Diocese of Leeds’s Twitter account shared another city’s landmark as it posted its congratulations.

Posting to Twitter The Diocese of Leeds accounts shared a picture of The Cathedral of St John the Baptists, which is found in a whole other county in Norwich city.

The obviously embarrassing mix-up was not done on purpose, but as Yorkshire folk are known for their humour and saying it as they see if people were quick to post a reply.

One Twitter user wrote: “Nothing says Bradford, West Yorkshire, City of Culture 2025, like a picture of Norwich RC Cathedral.”

Even better was Bradford Cathedral’s finding the funny side by writing: “We didn’t want to say anything.” with a laughing emoji.

Following that up with: “We once saw Leeds Minster on a York 10k run medal so anything goes!”

All in good fun – the bigger news is definitely one of Yorkshire’s cities, Bradford winning a great opportunity to showcase what it has to offer for its locals and tourists alike.

The winning city was named on the BBC One Show last night. Bradford will become Coventry’s successor – after the city won the title back in 2021. Since winning ‘City of Culture’, Coventry has seen a huge investment in its arts offering, alongside a £500m cash injection for the city’s regeneration.

Hull benefitted from the honour back in 2017, helping the city gain a whopping £89.3m of investment in the city, alongside a 9.7% increase in tourism to the previously forgotten city.

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Featured image: Bradford City Hall/Tim Green/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

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