Create Your Own Quality Street Pick N’ Mix Returns To John Lewis

Create Your Own Quality Street Pick N’ Mix Returns To John Lewis

After a naff summer, we are ready to get festive. And, nothing says Christmas like Quality Street choccies. John Lewis Christmas shop is open for business and the Quality Street pick ‘n’ mix station is making a comeback.

For just £15, you can fill a brand new 1.2kg tin to the top with your choice of 12 iconic chocolates, including the Coffee Creme, making a triumphant return after being discontinued 20 years ago, Metro reports.

Make sure not to miss out on this limited edition chocolate for the 2023 festivities. If you’re not a fan of the Quality Street tins, you can fill your own advent calendar instead for just £14.

You can even enjoy a ‘fill your own’ Quality Street Christmas cracker – can’t have enough choccies at Xmas.

If you have an old Quality Street tin lying around, you can fill it for only £12.50. Feeling sentimental? Consider personalising a tin with a loved one’s name for £17 and fill it with their favourite Green Triangles or Toffee Fingers.

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Everyone has a favourite Quality Street, My favorite Quality Street chocolates are the irresistible Green Triangles and the delightful Toffee Fingers. The Green Triangles have a perfect blend of creamy hazelnut praline encased in a smooth milk chocolate shell, offering a rich and indulgent taste with every bite.

On the other hand, Toffee Fingers provide a satisfying crunch with a sweet toffee centre, coated in a layer of milk chocolate that adds an exquisite balance of flavors. These two chocolates, with their unique textures and delicious taste, always stand out for me, making every Quality Street assortment a delight.

If you’re eager to indulge in this festive treat, head to the John Lewis in Leeds is station set to be one of the shops that has this special Quality Street pick ‘n’ mix where the Christmas shop and it will open along with the rest of the John Lewis locations in the next two weeks.

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