Viewers Rave About ITV Drama ‘The Long Shadow’

Viewers Rave About ITV Drama ‘The Long Shadow’

We sat down, like the most of you, last night to watch the new series about the Peter Sutcliffe murders The Long Shadow, and one of the biggest takeaways was the respect given to the victims during the first episode.

The seven-part series is set to chronicle the lengthy investigation of Peter Sutcliffe’s, otherwise known as ‘The Yorkshire Ripper’ horrific crimes aired last night

Stand outs of the first episode was Toby Jone’s portrayal of DCS Dennis Hoban, the man set on finding the serial killer.

Jone’s character humanises the victims of the murders, as does Katherine Kelly’s portrayal of Emily Jackson.

Kelly’s performance gave a sympathetic look at what would lead of mother and a wife to that lifestyle that led her in the path of Sutcliffe.

Peter Sutcliffe, between 1975 and 1980, murdered at least 13 women, and attacked seven more before he was eventually caught.

The series was filmed across Yorkshire back in in June and July 2022.

A synopsis on the ITV website aptly summarizes the series, stating, “One murder has the power to cast a long shadow and this case plunged a whole society into darkness.”

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The series illuminates the ripple effects of the crimes, exploring the pain endured by the loved ones left behind and the weight carried by the police officers who were unable to prevent further suffering.

Viewers took to social media to praise the series’ take on such a harrowing part of Yorkshire’s history, which destroyed so many lives.

One person said: “Toby Jones once again reminding us he’s one of our greatest actors”

Another said: “That was a stunning opening episode. Such believable performances from Toby Jones, Katherine Kelly and Daniel Mays. It’s a tough story to tell and a tough story to watch but it seems as though this is going to do it sensitively and with respect.”

Although, there was a lot of praise for the show, it seemed a lot of viewers had the same issue when watching the ITV drama.

One person said: “TheLongShadow has an epic cast, but the sound mixing is dire”.

Another wrote: “The sound on this is ridiculous! Can’t hear parts of it then it goes really loud.”

And a third agreed writing: “I actually thought I was going deaf. Turned up volume and then the ads came on and nearly deafened me”.

The ITV drama The Long Shadow continues on ITV at 9pm next Monday 2nd October.

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