‘Danger To Life’ Weather Warnings Have Been Issued For Parts Of Yorkshire

‘Danger To Life’ Weather Warnings Have Been Issued For Parts Of Yorkshire

It’s been a stormy 2022 so far, and just when we thought we were catching up with all of their names, two more storms turn up.

Issuing a ‘danger to life’ weather warning for Northern parts of Yorkshire this week, the Met Office has confirmed that Storm Dudley and Storm Eunice will bring strong winds of up to 90mph this week – affecting much of the North through from Wednesday evening to Thursday morning.

Storm Dudley will be the first to roll in, before Storm Eunice arrives shortly behind this Friday – affecting central areas of the UK.

Current weather warnings have identified North Yorkshire as one of the areas that will take the brunt of the storm this Wednesday and Thursday, with public transport and travel in general expected to be affected by the severe weather.

The Met Office advises to “Stay indoors as much as possible” during the storm, to avoid injury from flying debris or falling trees. The warning also advises that “Injuries and danger to life is likely from large waves and beach material being thrown onto coastal roads, sea fronts and properties” and power cuts will likely occur.

The entirety of North Yorkshire and Northern parts of the East Riding will be affected by the Amber weather warning, while the rest of Yorkshire has been placed under a slightly milder Yellow weather warning.

North Yorkshire’s Amber weather warning will drop to a Yellow weather warning this Friday, when the country will face another battering from Storm Eunice.

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