Women Feel The Cold More Than Men, According To Study

Women Feel The Cold More Than Men, According To Study

There is nothing more Yorkshire than the fight between Dads and the rest of the family about touching the thermostat. All through childhood dad would shout “get a bloody jumper on”. We’d be sat in our coats with our breath showing in the air, he’d be sat in his shorts unbothered by the freezing cold temperatures. Well, now science is suggesting that woman do indeed feel the cold more than men and are even more susceptible to lower temperatures.

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The study was carried out by Dutch scientists Boris Kingma and Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt. They found that on an average woman are comfortable at temperatures that are 2.5C warmer than men which are around 24 – 25C. We can hear dads sweating at the thought of their heating bills already.

There are a few reasons why this may be the case. There is research that suggests women have a higher internal temperature than men. The higher temperature will make you feel colder as when your interior is warmer, you notice the cold air on your skin more.

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Also, Professor Paul Thornalley suggests that the average metabolic rate is lower in woman than in men due to the fact that men have more fat-free body mass such as skin, bone and muscle.

There are other reasons such aa the birth control can increase internal temperature, Most reasons are just averages, but it does give you plenty of ammo to argue your point the next time you want to turn the thermostat up. Will dad listen to you… probably not – but it’s good to know.

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