Jane McDonald Meets Her Match As She Doesn’t Have The Stomach For A Traditional Moroccan Dish

Jane McDonald Meets Her Match As She Doesn’t Have The Stomach For A Traditional Moroccan Dish

The well-travelled Yorkshire lass, Jane McDonald met her match in Morocco on her Channel 5 show Jane McDonalds Magical Morrocco after being offered a cooked sheep that still had its face on.

The popular Channel 5 show featured McDonald in Marakesh, Morocco where she’d set out to try as many traditional food offerings as possible – until one restaurant where the lamb is cooked in three-metre-deep pits.

Yorkshire Live reports that Jane was given a piece of lamb on the bone and said: “So we are going to have a lamb butty now. It just falls off the bone, it’s so well-cooked. That’s how I like lamb.”

But the Yorkshire singer and presenter was left unhappy with her food offering on the last leg of her trip when offered a local delicacy, the head of a sheep, which is steamed and then served on its own.

Jane reacted by saying: “Really? I will take your word for it… Oh my God it’s got its teeth still on it. At least it’s got a smile on its face”.

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Relief to not be eating the brain, and flately refused to eat the eyes, which are seen as a delicacy, Jane did tuck into the head, which she said: “It tastes like bacon!”

She continued: “The thing I like about Marakesh is that everything is eaten. I think it’s respectful to the animal.”

Jane was a long way away from her favourite place in the world, which she revealed on James Martin’s Saturday show. She revealed that her hometown of Wakefield was in fact her favourite spot.

She told James: “I think probably Wakefield [is my favourite place in Yorkshire], I know it sounds a bit weird that but I love being at home. I’m away such a lot so my favourite place is just my home, when I get back and I can kick back and relax.”

She said: “I’m always on the go, I’m always away but I’ve got such a great filming team and we have such a laugh. And I get into it, I’m not bothered what I look like in a swimming costume anymore – I don’t care, so I put my cossie on and I love to get involved.”

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