First-Look At Shane Meadows’ New BBC Drama ‘The Gallows Pole’

First-Look At Shane Meadows’ New BBC Drama ‘The Gallows Pole’

Viewers have been offered a little glimpse into the new BBC drama by This Is England’s, Shane Meadows. A few images have been released to tease the three-part drama which was filmed in Yorkshire.

The drama will be based on the award-winning novel of Benjamin Myers’, The Gallows PoleBased on the true story of a gang of 18th Century counterfeiters who came to be known as the Cragg Vale Coiners.

The drama is set to highlight a fascinating period in Yorkshire history. It became the biggest fraud in British history, which damaged the national economy.

Credit: BBC

The Gallows Pole will feature Michael Socha who has appeared in This Is England alongside Thomas Turgoose who is also a part of Meadow’s new production lineup. Other names include 1917’s George MacKaySophie McShera, Tom Burke, Cara Theobold, Yusra Warsama, and Eve Burley.

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Discussing the new series, Shane Meadows said: “I really wanted to delve into the history of this story and the circumstances that lead to an entire West Yorkshire community risking their lives to put food in their children’s bellies.

Credit: BBC

“It was during the workshopping process with the actors I realised there was also a story to tell leading up to Ben’s incredible book. A prequel that not only allowed us to understand ‘why’ the Cragg Vale Coiners did what they did, but maybe fall in love with them a smidge while they did it.”

He continued: “You can tell a story in any century if you care about the characters, but there was something so attractive about this period in British history.

“Large mouthfuls of West Yorkshire were about to be inhaled by the Industrial Revolution and our country and its unspoilt sides set to change forever. So it was an honour to be able to go back and hold up a magnifying glass to some of dudes that were living through it.”

Benjamin Myers said discussed how Meadows had “retained the feel of The Gallows Pole and shot it in the very same landscapes that I have been exploring for many years now, and where the true events happened”.

“It looks, sounds and smells right. Shane is a true auteur, he has a singular vision, and he has taken it off in a new direction. Also, credit should be given to the cast, who range from experienced life-long actors to first timers. He’s a digital alchemist!”

We aren’t sure about the release date just yet, but it is coming to BBC soon.

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Feature Image Credit: BBC

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