Sheffield-Filmed ‘Four Lions’ Is Now On Amazon Prime And People Are Loving It

Sheffield-Filmed ‘Four Lions’ Is Now On Amazon Prime And People Are Loving It

We featured Four Lions in our 15 Greatest Yorkshire Films list recently as it is one of the greatest dark comedies ever – and it was fillmed in Yorkshire. You can watch it on Amazon Prime and recently people have started re-watching and falling in love with it all over again – and with good reason. Four Lions filming locations are dotted all around the city of Sheffield.

Credit: Drafthouse Films

The film tells the tale of a group of jihadists who aim to become suicide bombers. The 2010 film gets to the heart of these characters and has some laugh-out-loud moments while dealing with a very tough topic. It’s a brilliantly quoteable film with lines like “Rubber Dingy Rapids, bro” and “I’m not confused brother! I just took picture of my face, and it’s deffo not my confused face.”

Credit: Drafthouse Films

The film is directed by Christopher Morris, who is famous for other successful productions such as the hilarious series Brass Eye and indie favourite Nathan Barley along with a string other other shows.

Four Lions couldn’t have been the great hit it was without the back drop of Sheffield, which helps to make the film such an iconic classic. Make sure you get stuck into it on Amazon Prime and try and see how mnay of these locations below you can spot.

Four Lions Filming Locations, Sheffield:

Meadow Hall

Huge shopping centre on the outskirts of Sheffield. The place is like a maze and absolutely huge. There is also a scene along the Meadowhall Interchange.

Crystal Peaks

This shopping centre in the south east part of Sheffield was used as the interior for where Omar works as a security guard at the start of the film.

The Moor, City Centre

The brilliantly dark ending to the film is filmed on The Moor in the city centre, another easy one if you’re in town and want to visit. The Moor is also used when Waj is onthe run from the police.

Sheffield Library Theatre

When Barry is chatting to the panel on moderation and progress of Islam. It is found in the city centre, so is an easy place to visit for fans looking go location hunting.

Sheffield Doncaster Airport

Used for the scene where they return from training camp. Harder to get to the airport is found on the outskirts of Doncaster.

The Workstation, Paternoster Row 

The roodtop here was used for the sniper scene in the film. Another city centre location just up from the trainstation.

Magistrates Court, Snig Hill

Found just up from Kommune, this spot is wher they talk justa fter the panel at Sheffield Library Theatre.

Pearl Street, Sharrow

The hideaway where the gang hatch their plans.

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