Sheffield-Filmed Drama ‘Zero Chill’ Starts Tonight On Netflix

Sheffield-Filmed Drama ‘Zero Chill’ Starts Tonight On Netflix

Coming of age drama, Zero Chill, has been released on Netflix in the UK today. The show follows a 15-year-old figure skater who is forced to ‘leave everything behind’ when her family follows her twin brother from Canada to the UK to a prestigious hockey academy.

Sheffield’s iceSheffield is one of the primary locations for the ten-part series. other Zero Chill filming locations are scattered across the city.

Zero Chill Filming Locations
Credit: Netflix

The series is a story of friendship and family following 15-year-old figure skater Kayla, played by Grace Beedie, as she deals with being uprooted thanks to her brother Mac.

The iceSheffield arena is transformed into a fictional Hammarström Ice Hockey Academy.

Zero Chill is based around two worlds ice hockey and figure skating. Kayla and Mac are at the centre of the drama. Mac is a passionate ice hockey player with potential, and his family are supportive of him and are willing to move to the UK to help him chase his dreams.

Zero Chill Filming Locations
Credit: Netflix

This is a cause for conflict in the drama, as his sister Kayla a usually positive person, is not happy about the move.

As well as the ice arena, other parts of Sheffield are used as the backdrop for this teen drama, such as Cholera Monument, Northern General Hospital and Delta Force Paintball, according to Screen Yorkshire.

Filming for the programme also took place in Broomhall, which is where their fictional home is located.

Zero Chill Filming Locations
Credit: Netflix

The drama, made by Lime Pictures, looks to be a popular choice for many, so make sure that you give it a watch. Executive producer Angelo Abela said they chose Sheffield as the show’s location for “many practical reasons.”

Abela explained: “Sheffield is one of the UK’s major ice-skating hubs and we visited the city’s iceSheffield arena, to get some advice from the former Team GB figure-skating head coach, David Hartley, who works there.

“Where there, the arena’s general manager said, ‘Why don’t you shoot the drama here?’ Amazingly, he offered us complete access to one of their three rinks for the duration of filming and we were able to hire David as our head coach at the same time!

“We also found a ready-made skating community from where we could find our extras and doubles. Plus, the city has a particularly good ice hockey team of their own, The Sheffield Steelers, and we were able to get two former members of their team to coach for us too. It really did all fit together like a magical jigsaw.”

Filming Locations

Cholera Monument 

The memorial is for the victims of the cholera epidemic back in 1832 in which 402 people fell victim to the disease.

Northern General Hospital

The hospital is a large teaching hospital and Major Trauma Centre in Sheffield.

Delta Force Paintball Centre

Found on edge of the Peak District, which is a few minutes drive from the centre of Sheffield.

Norfolk Heritage Park

A huge heritage park in the south of Sheffield in the suburbs, Norfolk Heritage Park is a beautiful place to visit all year round.


Used for the majority of the series, it acts as the backdrop and centre of skating drama.

Sheaf Valley Park

The park is just behind the train station and has a beautiful view of the city up there. Be ready to go up a whole lot of stairs if you visit.

Park Hill

The housing estate in Sheffield.

Victoria Road, Broomhall

Plays the fictional home to the main characters of the show.

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Feature Image Credit: Netflix

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