Hooch Pink Lemonade Gin Is Now A Thing – And We Need It In Our Lives

Pink lemonade variations keep popping up all over the shop this year, and it looks like it will continue. Hooch, the company that brought you the popular lemon flavoured alcopops in the 90s, has seen a resurgence in popularity and have created a new gin. Hooch Rosberry and lemon gin flavour is basically pink lemonade and sounds amazing.

Credit: Hooch

NewfoodsUK announced the news on their Instagram yesterday saying: “New Hooch Spirits! These sound absolutely amazing! Pink Hooch Raspberry & Lemon Gin is now available at @goodtimeindrinks” 

“Hooch Lemon Gin and Hooch Mango & Lime Rum is available to pre-order at @goodtimeindrinks” 

Their new gin has a classic bright pink colour and looks so much fun, we can’t wait to get our hands on some. If you’d like to get your hands on some, Londis currently has it on offer for only £15.99 for a 70cl bottle. What a bargain.

As well as their new Hooch Rasberry and Lemon, which is 37.5% proof, the alcohol brand has released a lemon flavour gin and a mango & lime rum, which sound refreshingly good.

Credit: Hooch

All three drinks are making us dream of summer days with BBQs with friends and family where we can enjoy a few checky bevs. We know these Hooch spirits will be a welcome addition! Especially for those wanting to be nostalgic about the 90s, getting sweaty in clubs and all that gas.

Credit: Hooch

Smirnoff recently releaed their Pink lemonade vodka that sounds like it’d be hard to beat. Looks like summer 2021 is going to be a big one!

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