Yorkshireman Defeats Previously Unbeaten Full English Breakfast Challenge In The North

Yorkshireman Defeats Previously Unbeaten Full English Breakfast Challenge In The North

We’ve all had an urge for a Full English on the weekend. The calorific treat with crispy bacon, succulent sausages, and other ingredients makes up the nation’s favourite breakfast. But, do you think you could take on this huge breakfast challenge in the North of England?

This breakfast challenge at the Hunger Cafe in Grimsby has gone undefeated since its inception back in 2019 or has it. The Yorkshire competitive eater and YouTuber Beard Meats Food set his sights on conquering the ginormous breakfast that’s not for the faint-hearted.

Hunger Cafe Grimsby
Credit: Beard Meats Food

Named the ‘Ultimate Hunger Challenge’, and consists of six hearty sausages, six black pudding, six bacon, hash browns, eggs, three slices of toast and three slices of fried bread, one ladle of beans, one ladle of tomatoes, mushrooms, one tin of chips and your choice of drink.

You have half an hour to finish the whole thing, and, if successful, you get your meal for free. If you don’t manage to complete the hefty breakfast, it will only set you back £15, which is an absolute bargain for what you get!

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Hunger Cafe Grimsby
Credit: Hunger Cafe

Beard Meats Food took on the challenge with an open mind. The waitress who started off smug, was in for a shock, as after 10 minutes he’d made quite the dent in the breakfast challenge. The greasy spoon was full of people who were sure the Yorkshire lad wouldn’t complete the undefeated challenge, he was happy for them to sit and watch as he got stuck into the big ol’ Full English.

All we know is after watching the challenge we quite fancy a Full English this sleep Sunday.

Watch the full challenge below:

If you’d like to give it a go head over to the Facebook page here.

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Feature Image Credit: Beard Meats Food

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