Channel 4 Is Set To Mark Its 40th Anniversary With A Prince Andrew Musical

Channel 4 Is Set To Mark Its 40th Anniversary With A Prince Andrew Musical

As Channel 4 marks the 40th birthday it has announced a line-up of shows which celebrate what it stands for, which includes a satirical musical about Prince Andrew and a programme about unusually large penises – we know founds fantastic.

The popular broadcaster has announced it will air a satirical musical about the life of Prince Andrew the Queen’s second son who stepped back from public life due to his being associated with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Named Prince Andrew: The Musical it was written by comedian Kieran Hodgson, and promises to explore: “key events, relationships, and controversies of Andrew’s life”, such as his infamous Newsnight interview where he claimed he could not sweat.

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The musical is just one of the many shows on Channel 4 which aims to display its “radical, irreverent and iconoclastic roots”. Other shows include a documentary about a woman who fled the Taliban and is now a successful porn performer, a show in which Jimmy Carr explores “cancel culture”, and a revival of Ben Elton’s 1980s comedy show Friday Night Live.

It announced its 40th-anniversary lineup of programming, Channel 4 saying: “It has forever been our a mission to make mischief and noise that dares to tell the truth about modern Britain and how we live [so] to mark this important milestone, an impressive roster of programming has been commissioned that speaks to our radical, irreverent, and iconoclastic roots.

“Each of these new shows are set to do what Channel 4 was created for – to give voice to the unheard, say the unsayable and show the unseen.  Each connect with the Channel’s 4 core values, and vividly reflect its purpose in 2022.”

Channel 4 has stated repeatedly that its unique status as a publicly owned broadcaster allows it to make programmes for-profit broadcasters couldn’t afford. Boris Johnson’s government are pressing ahead with selling the channel – and Liz Truss, who is favourite to be Prime Minister has indicated who intends to proceed with the sale which could be completed next year.

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