The City’s First-Ever Tequila Festival With Cocktails & Tacos Is Coming To Leeds This Month

The City’s First-Ever Tequila Festival With Cocktails & Tacos Is Coming To Leeds This Month

Looking for the event of the summer? Then you won’t want to miss this new and exciting festival heading over the Leeds this month. Tequila is the spirit of the hour and Leeds’ first-ever tequila festival is heading to the city centre, and we can’t wait for it.

Rolling Social Events are bringing the spirit of Mexico and others to showcase the fantastic world of Mexican drinks such as Mezcal, agave and tequila to enjoy fantastic cocktails such as delicious margaritas.

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This event is a must for friends looking for something a little different this summer. It’s sure to get hot and spicy with tequila tasters and more from some of the top Mexican brands. Their ambassadors will be on hand to give great insight into the world of Tequila.

Some of the fantastic brands involved in the festival are:, Ocho Tequila – the festival sponsor, El Tequileno, Banhez Mezcal, Tequila Forteleza, Mezcal Madre, Casa D’Aristi, Tequila Arette, Gem & Bolt, Mezcal Union, Tequila Corralejo, Ilegal Mezcal, Tapatio Tequila to name a few.

Leeds’ first-evet tequila festival will take place at the iconic venue The Tetley which is a beautiful event space and contemporary art space.

Included in your ticket will be Tequila and agave spirits sampling – which includes a wide range of tequilas, mezcals and other Mexican liquids. The Monin and Ocho Mixing Room offers a chance to play around with different flavours and sodas to create your own style of Margarita or Paloma

Leeds' First-Ever Tequila Festival
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It wouldn’t be a Mexican event without tacos, and you can wolf down a range of fantastic tacos on the day. Filled full of marinated meats and topped with delicious salsa you will be mad to miss it.

You will also be able to visit The Latitude bottle shop which sells exclusive and rare products to take home. The Tetley bar – featuring discounted Ocho tequila cocktails such as the Paloma and Margarita alongside an accessible selection of beers and wines

The event it set to take place on Fri, 22 Jul 2022, 17:00–22:00. Get your tickets here.

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