‘Exhausted’ Dog Had To Be Rescued By Mountain Team After Hiking Scafell Pike

‘Exhausted’ Dog Had To Be Rescued By Mountain Team After Hiking Scafell Pike

There was a different type of rescue mission that took place this weekend. A tired pupper had to be helped down from Britain’s highest mountain.

An exhausted dog had to be carried down Scafell Pike by mountain rescue about reports of an ‘injured and exhausted dog’ who was ‘refusing to move’.

The rescue mission took four hours and thirteen volunteers to carry the canine down from the huge mountain after the request, which came on a return journey to Langdale from the top of Scafell Pike.

The team was called out at around 6:25pm on Saturday 13th May.

A spokesperson for Keswick Mountain Rescue Team said “it was a joy to carry such a relatively lightweight casualty” praising the dog for remaining “cool, calm and positively regal throughout!”.

The team posted the rescue to its pages writing: “The Keswick team met the casualty and owners high up Grains Gill. The casualty was made comfortable in a ‘cas bag’ on the stretcher and sledged/carried back to Seathwaite Farm.

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“Despite being quite a large dog at 33kg it was a joy to carry such a relatively lightweight casualty. The casualty remained cool, calm and positively regal throughout!”

“The casualty and owners were given a lift to Keswick Team Base where other members of their party collected them.”

The 42nd rescue mission by the team is sure to go down in history – and the team will have celebrated a job well done having saved man’s best friend.

People were quick to comment on the post with one person having a similar occurrence with their own dog: “I think ‘ the casualty’ is enjoying the ride! I know how easily this can happen from past experience. My 32 kilo labradoodle once “went on strike” 9 miles into a 10 mile coastal path walk in Anglesey.”

Another wrote: “Well done team, excellent work! It happens to our dog friends too sometimes – our dog once went lame at the summit of a mountain – luckily she only weighed in at 16kilos”

We are sure that the doggo is still sleeping off its excursion.

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