McDonald’s Is Reopening 30 Of Its Drive-Thrus In The UK Next Week

McDonald’s Is Reopening 30 Of Its Drive-Thrus In The UK Next Week
It's baaaackkk

Get ready for Maccies big return! Big Macs, chicken nuggets and more will soon be ready for you. It doesn’t feel right not being able to fill your stomach with McDonald’s burgery goodness, but you will not have to wait much longer. McDonald is starting to open up it’s Drive-Thru service.

The open comes at risk but McDonald’s have said they will ‘prioritised the safety and wellbeing of our restaurant employees.’ They will issue such things as social distancing measures, Perspex screens in kitchens and surface areas, and protective equipment. Read full statement here:

Credit: Mcdonald’s
Credit: McDonald’s

Reopen a further 30 restaurants on 20th May for Drive-Thru service across the UK and Ireland. They will only be offering a reduced menu, so we are hoping their chicken nuggets make an appearance. The opening hours will also be changed; they will open between 11 am and 10 pm.

McDonald will issue a maximum spend of £25 in the UK. Expect longer waiting times as there will be a reduced amount of staff so that they can comply with health and safety regulations during this pilot phase.

McDonald’s have an aim to open all Drive Thrus by early June, but it seems a safety-first approach is being taken by the company at this moment.